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True Liquid Freedom?


Fellow human,

We believe that freedom is one of the greatest gifts of life.  What does 'freedom' mean to you?  

For some, freedom is catching a flight to another part of the world to celebrate friend's birthday... and not worrying about waking up early to be somewhere the next day.
For others, freedom is making art, recording music, pursuing a hobby, without stress or worry of always looking for a job to support you.
Some people just want to have enough money so that they can just watch Netflix and smoke weed all day.
To each their own.
Whatever is your definition of freedom ... we believe that it's is our birthright and we must protect it at all costs.
Unfortunately, for most of the people, freedom remains a pleasant fantasy...
... Something to dream of, while carrying out daily obligations in the "real world".
Why is that?
Why (according to a 2018 study) 85% of people admit to disliking or hating their current job?
Is it because everyone secretly enjoys pain and suffering?
I don't think so.
But what we do know is that the financial system is rigged against us.
And it's been rigged for a long loong time.
Honestly, a homeless person has more freedom today than a "normal working person".
The thing is ... banks and corporations and governments structured society for their own benefit and stacked the odds against us.
And by doing that they've taken the freedom from us.
The same freedom that is given to us from birthright.
And what we're going to do is use the same tools they've used against us for years to keep the world under their control.
And we're going to use these tools to quietly "suck" money back from the world economy. And funnel it back into our bank accounts. So we can get freedom back in our lives.
True liquid freedom.
So you can enjoy things that are more important in life. Exploring, hanging out with friends, doing things you love.
So how do we get there?
We will teach you one of the easiest ways to break free from the financial hamsterwheel most of the people are stuck in today.
A skill you can use for life to fund your dreams.
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