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New, simpler way of trading world markets

We believe trading can unlock great freedom in one's life.
However, the 'Old Way' of trading doesn't work and is too complicated.

Use our simple Breakfree Trading™ System and you will compound & multiply your money from anywhere in the world.
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Meet the Breakfree Trading system.

Making real money on financial markets was only reserved to experienced traders and hedge funds with multi-million dollar tech. Breakfree Trading has made one of the most difficult, yet profitable games in the world accessible to everyone.

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0

Our trading algorithm processes & decodes markets structure in real time for you.

Scanning through 100,000+ financial assets every minute, BFT algorithm identifies highest probability trades and filters out the bad ones for you.

Tap into exciting world of Forex, world stocks, commodities, futures, and more.

12 hours of AAA class content

Our goal is to make profitable trading possible for everyone. 

That's why our 12 hour video course will take you from zero to have a repeatable framework of profitable trading.

1000+ of daily Breakfree Trading users are both seasoned traders and people that never traded before.

Legendary Community

You will feel right at home when you join the Breakfree Trading Community. 

Over 1000 active members interact inside our chat every day.

We support each other with one goal in mind - compound and multiply money together.

Trading profitably couldn't get easier than this.

Instead of using complicated trading tools, Breakfree Trading™ Algorithm scans the market in real-time for you. Then it simply shows at what price to buy and at what price to sell. By simplifying trading from ground-up, Breakfree Trading users enjoy 8x better success rate than the average retail trader.


Enter the new age of trading,
where your freedom is #1 priority.

Say bye bye to complicated charts, spending hours in front of the screen, and praying if your trades will succeed.

It takes only 30 minutes a day to trade with Breakfree.
Every single day the algorithm will handpick the trades for you.

The rest of the day is Play Time.

Results speak for themselves.

In 2019 we demonstrated our Algorithm over 3 months of live trading.
We started with $10,000 in August and closed with $29,664 in November.
Everything is documented below.

How does this work ? 

We are glad you are asking!

Thanks to some sharp minds at Breakfree Trading, 
we already done the heavy lifting for you. 

You simply use the result of our research to trade.

All you have to do is:

1) Turn on Breakfree Trading Algorithm

2) Buy or sell the area that the algorithm shows you

3) Close the trade for profit at the targets given by the algorithm.

Sounds simple or too good to be true? 
Try it for free yourself. 

Overall User Rating:
4.8 stars from 68 users
Proof 4.7 Star rating
People ❤︎ Breakfree Trading because...
  • Teaches trading the right way
  • Backtested & proven profitable trading system.
  • Works on all markets
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People love Breakfree Trading

Breakfree Trading System™

Trade from your phone or desktop


Our partners.

We work with some of the fastest rising and most respected companies in the trading industry.

Hear it from our users

"Superb product that every trader regardless of experience will benefit from. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to become a profitable trader almost instantly. The team that run this are genuine helpful people who go out of their way to help."

Jason Nicholls
Self-Employed, United Kingdom

"Excellent trading education & the algo gives you the framework to go from zero experience to placing your first profitable trades in no time. The admin team are excellent and always around for questions. Along with that there is over 1000 of us in the telegram group who are there 24/7 to answer questions and discuss potential trades."

Tom Kliese
Student, Australia

"I am a seasoned forex trader. I have lost thousands of dollars in the markets with useless indicators and EA's. This is by far the absolute best algo/indicator in the market. If you are not using an algo you will not make money!!! Break Free Trading is the holy grail and i give it 10 stars. This algo will make lots of millionaires."

Rob Martinez

"Totally recommend Breakfree Trading. Only been using it for 5 days and see the potential already. Excellent community in the chat and very supportive. Tried various other trading strategies to find that one that works, and think I've found it. Unless you try it you won't believe how good it is. First class.👏👏👏"

Scott McPherson
Former Director, United Kingdom

Incredible Support

You never need to worry about running into trouble. Breakfree Trading legendary success community has all resources you need—a centralized help centre, lively member-only chat, and instant support—to get your trading to the next level.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Access to 12+ hours of training on how to trade on world markets. We will take you from knowing nothing about trading to beating 90% of traders in the market. (We mean it!)
  • Access to a proprietary Breakfree Trading™ algorithm. The algorithm scans market structure in real time and calculates the best entry and exit points for the trade to succeed. This technology give you a pro-level trader results instantly, without using the traditional outdated technical analysis tools.
  • Fast and friendly chat support. Our personal coaches will give you a private 1-on-1 feedback on your trades every day. Just reach out to them via chat.
  • Live case studies. See the exact process of how we turned $5,000 investment into $113,000 in just two short months (using the same algorithm you're getting access to in this training!)
  • Weekly Q&A calls and live casts where review our trades and engage with the community
  • Access  to exclusive BFT  broadcast and Facebook group. Trading is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

This is exactly the reason we created Breakfree Trading™. So that ordinary people that never traded before in their life can make money from the multi-trillion dollar money exchange that is happening in Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies and more.

Our proprietary algorithm draws red and green boxes on the graph and tells you exactly when to buy and where to sell an asset. It's like trading with "cheat codes".

Trust us, trading has never been this simple. It's addicting.

You get free lifetime access to our trading strategy training and community.

Trial period for using Breakfree Trading™ algorithm is 7 days. 

After you've verified that algorithm indeed works for you and you're making money weekly, you can upgrade to different available subscription options.

BFT Algorithm (version 2.0.2 as of time of writing)

We have completed several yearly stress-tests of the algorithm throughout the year and it gave us 70.3-89% accuracy of the price reversals.

This algorithm is what we personally use on a daily basis for our own and our clients' investments. 

We're rolling out updates every month.

Each update makes the system more accurate and user-friendly.

You will also get an early-access membership to Breakfree Trading™ Unlimited once it gets released. (Our new online trading platform)

No one can predict the market behaviour 100% of the time, whoever tells you that is lying to you.

However, you can employ sophisticated mathematical models along with a certain trading strategy to find trades with a higher probability of succeeding, than others.

This is exactly what we've created with Breakfree Trading Algorithm — a tool that filters out the bad trades and leaves you with really good ones. Across all markets. Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and more.

According to the average user of Breakfree Trading, you can expect to increase your account size by 10% a week. But don't take our word for it, join our group chat and see for yourself!

Discover what truly effortless trading feels like.

Watch our free training and get access to the Breakfree Trading™ algorithm


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How we used "Breakfree Trading" algorithm and turned $2,750 into $322,566 trading world markets

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